Smart Tac™

Smart Tac is one of the leading models in the Armored Claw series. It features a combination of high-quality materials, providing excellent protection against mechanical injuries, fire, and cuts.

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The most distinguishing feature of the Smart Tac outdoor gloves is the rigid protector on the upper part. It is made with the original Keprotec® technology from the Swiss company Schoeller. A layer of Kevlar® is applied to the polymer profile, creating a solid armor that absorbs fist impacts excellently.

It also prevents painful abrasions, as the protected part of the hand is usually the most exposed to such injuries. The outer material is DuPont® Kevlar® – an aramid fiber that is flame-resistant, does not conduct electricity, and does not dissolve in organic solvents. Its main advantage is its incredible resistance to abrasion and cutting. These outdoor gloves are designed for precise operations and offer comfortable handling of weapons or performing precise tasks.

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