Hot Weather™

The Hot Weather line is an excellent solution for sunny and hot days. The materials used and special ventilation perforations effectively prevent sweating even in the most dynamic situations. Gloves in this series have been designed without additional lining, while maintaining the same thickness and durability of the outer material. As a result, there are no compromises - the gloves still provide excellent protection for the user's hands.

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Armored Claw’s SHIELD™ Hot Weather military gloves are an excellent addition to the military equipment of any airsoft player, law enforcement personnel, or outdoor enthusiast.The materials used and special ventilation perforations ensure excellent airflow on hot days, preventing hand sweating even in dynamic situations.

Despite the lack of additional lining, the gloves maintain the same durability of the outer material, protecting the hands effectively. They prevent hand injuries associated with impacts or hand-to-hand combat. The rigid protector on the upper part is made using the original Keprotec® technology from the Swiss company Schoeller®, consisting of a polymer profile shaped to fit the hand, covered with a layer of Kevlar® for solid protection.

Rigid reinforcements on the backs of the fingers are sewn under the external layer, making them nearly invisible and not limiting finger movement.

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