Shield Flex Cut
Hot Weather™

Built on well-known and esteemed designs, this model was created by a manufacturer who introduced innovative solutions, improving both protection and user comfort. Soft protectors, acting as shock absorbers, have been placed on the knuckles, effectively shielding against impacts. However, the most intriguing element of the gloves is the rigid TPU protector on the upper part of the hand.

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The SHIELD FLEX™ Cut Hot Weather military gloves are suitable for sunny and hot days. The materials used, along with special ventilation perforations, prevent hand sweating during various outdoor activities.

Despite the absence of additional lining, these gloves maintain the same thickness and durability of the outer material, ensuring excellent hand protection. Soft protectors on the knuckles cushion and protect against impacts.

The rigid TPU protector on the upper part is made from extremely durable plastic, covered with foam for better shock absorption. For greater user comfort, the protector can be easily inserted and removed when not needed. The fingertips are cut, allowing for unrestricted operation of weapons, airsoft replicas, and other tools and devices.

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