Quick Release
Hot Weather™

Both the simple cut and lightweight design make this model extremely versatile - perfect for both military applications and everyday tasks. Spandex is used in the production, providing stretchability and an excellent fit to the hands, ensuring high comfort during work. The Quick Release model can confidently be considered as EDC (Every Day Carry) gear, always ready for use and worth having on hand!

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Quick Release™ Hot Weather outdoor gloves are a proposal for outdoor enthusiasts engaging in various activities. They are suitable for intense airsoft games as well as for tasks on hot days.The simple design and lightweight make them versatile for both combat activities and everyday tasks.

The external layer of Quick Release gloves is made of Spandex – an elastic material resistant to permanent stretching. On the inner palm, you will find high-quality synthetic leather, and the fingertips have a single layer of leather for better grip and ease of performing precise tasks. Anti-slip panels are placed on the inner side of the thumb and index finger, allowing the handling of touchscreen devices such as smartphones or tablets. Special ventilation perforations and the absence of additional lining prevent hand sweating even in the most dynamic situations, while providing a high level of hand protection.

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