Essential Seeker

Essential Seeker is the choice for those seeking new outdoor challenges. At Armored Claw, understanding the diversity of fields in which our products are utilized, we decided to create Essential Seeker gloves. They stand out with a minimalist design, and their purpose is defined by the user themselves.

Available colors:

Pitch Black
Shades of Tan
Shades of Green
Ghost Mélange

Available sizes:

XS | S | M | L | XL | XXL

Essential Seeker is the most versatile outdoor gloves in Armored Claw’s offering. Their minimalist design and multifunctionality make them suitable for various tasks and activities, providing comfort during use.

The gloves are made of high-quality nylon and elastane, ensuring strength and comfort. Both the gloves and the flexible cuff with a wide Velcro closure allow for a good fit to the user’s hands.

Soft reinforcements are applied within the palm and knuckles, providing excellent protection without restricting movement. These gloves are suitable for even very precise tasks, with the texture on the inner part of the palm ensuring a secure grip. The tips of the index finger and thumb enable the operation of touchscreens. These features make Essential Seeker gloves an excellent addition to both outdoor and airsoft equipment, as well as professional military gear.


Nylon with elastane
Made from high-quality nylon with elastane, they provide durability and flexibility while allowing the hands to breathe.


Reinforcing inserts
The soft inserts reinforcing the ankles and metacarpals protect without restricting movement.


Hook and loop closure
The hook and loop closure ensures a perfect fit and comfort during movement.


Elastic cuff
The elastic cuff adjusts to the wrist.


Improved traction
The inner part of the palm has a texture for a secure grip.


Touchscreen compatibility
The index finger and thumb allow for touchscreen operation.

Size chart