BattleFlex® is a brand new addition to the Armored Claw glove lineup. Utilizing a proven and popular design, the manufacturer has introduced innovative solutions to enhance the level of protection and user comfort. Rubber protectors are strategically placed on the back of the fingers and joints, serving as shock absorbers and ensuring effective protection against impacts.

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BattleFlex® is a new military glove by Armored Claw that elevates the level of protection and comfort during field operations. Rubber protectors, cushioning and protecting against impacts, are placed on the knuckles and the dorsal part of the fingers. The external layer of BattleFlex® gloves is made of spandex and neoprene – highly elastic materials resistant to permanent stretching. On the inner palm, you will find high-quality synthetic leather and soft protectors filled with EVA foam, enhancing comfort and safety. The fingertips have a single layer of leather for better grip and ease of performing precise tasks. This model complements tactical equipment for soldiers or airsoft enthusiasts.

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