Accuracy Cut Hot Weather™

The Accuracy model has been created with precision operations in mind, even when manipulating small objects. The manufacturer carefully selected designs and materials to ensure the highest level of comfort, flexibility, and protection. The use of Spandex and neoprene in the outer layer of the gloves guarantees high resistance to permanent stretching while maintaining flexibility.

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The Hot Weather series is an ideal solution for sunny and hot days. ACCURACY™ Cut Hot Weather outdoor gloves are crafted from materials that ensure comfort in high temperatures. Special ventilation perforations prevent hand sweating even in the most dynamic situations, such as airsoft skirmishes or law enforcement operations. This model does not include additional lining, but it still maintains the same thickness and durability of the outer material, providing excellent hand protection.

The outer layer is made of Spandex and neoprene, known for their high elasticity and resistance to permanent stretching. On the inner palm, you will find high-quality synthetic leather in a special mesh-like pattern. This structure significantly enhances grip assurance, reducing glove slippage to a minimum. It is also highly resistant to abrasion, despite the use of a single layer of material. This model is prepared for performing precise operations, making it valuable equipment for outdoor enthusiasts.

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